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Re: Events/money/profit/etc

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu> 
> > Does an event *have* to have a feast?  Would it work to have events 
> > in sites that allowed for great tourneys but no feast?  Great 
> > Dancing and A&S but no kitchen? 
> Wew, Anarra hits it on the head here.  This is something I feel 
> pretty stongly about myself.  Too many groups spread themselves too 
> thin by trying to be everything to everybody.  "Gee, we need to have 
> a heavy tourney, some rapier, an A&S display/contest, archery and 
> a 5 course feast followed by a dancing contest."  That is a tall order 
> for even a big group with lots of experience.  The result is that 
> while most of it happens, none of it is done well, or as well as it 
> could be.  Groups, especially small to medium sized groups might 
> consider a non 'full-service' event. 
> Pick one or two things that you want to do at your event and spend 
> your energy (and your groups energy) making it come out spiff. 

I think that mindset comes from the old days when a small group would hold a 
dancing and feast event (on as small a budget as possible), then the event and 
the group's budget would be wiped out by folks deciding to attend a word-of-
mouth fighter practice in another group.  This happened to Isenfir ages ago 
when Storvik held a fighter practice.....I think the situation has changed 
materially since then, and I agree with you.
> Yes, fewer people will come to your event but, is that a crime?  If 
> you scale your expenses and expectations appropriately, your group 
> will not suffer from having 80 people instead of 150.  It seems to me 
> that some of the best events I have attended were the smaller 
> local-type events.  And, I have travelled 6 or 7 hours to go to 
> these events just becuase they sounded worth going to.  At smaller 
> events you can get a chance to meet or talk to people you heven't 
> meet before.  There is less pressure from having to hurry up and pack 
> your stuff because this field is need for something else that was 
> supposed to start 10 minutes ago, etc. 

I think more small 'theme' or simple events would be fun.  
> So, autocrats, slow down, relax and pick a couple of things to do 
> well rather than trying to please eveyone. 
> Galmr. 


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