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Autocrats-or if you can't stand the heat...

Poster: Laurie Kovaleski <NUDVLLK@GWGATE.BAS.NCSU.EDU>

    > Laurie Kovaleski said:
     >>Tip #1
     >>Don't autocrat. Since it is too late for that try this...

Duchess Melisande said:    
    > >Laurie, my advice to you is *not* to autocrat.  If you don't
    >>it has any possibility of being fun, it's not for you.  But
please try 
    > >and be a little more grateful to the people who do it; without
    > >there would be no events at all.

Your Grace. Thank you for the advice, but I did not ask. I know that
being an autocrat is very demanding. I also know my personal limits.
This is why I choose not to autocrat. This means in no way that I do
not help my friends that do choose to autocrat. I have helped in may
other small but helpful ways. From driving two hours to collect
cooking gear to taking care of royal thrones that the squires left
behind. These tasks were not "fun" to do, but I still did them. Please
do not tell me that I am not grateful of people who do autocrat.  

Ursla said:
>I am disappointed in what appears to me to be an inappropriately
>response to a comment that was intended to be humorous.  But that's
>me.  Lighten up.

Thank you Ursla. To anyone who could not see the humor in my
statement, I am sorry. Read it a second time, maybe you'll get it ;) .

Brigid of Linnhe/China  

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