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Re: Autocrats-or if you can't stand the heat...

Poster: DebSiobhan@aol.com

In a message dated 96-12-06 14:11:51 EST, you write:

<< Ursla said:
 >I am disappointed in what appears to me to be an inappropriately strong 
 >response to a comment that was intended to be humorous.  But that's just 
 >me.  Lighten up.
 Bridgid said:

 Thank you Ursla. To anyone who could not see the humor in my
 statement, I am sorry.  >>

I had actually been thinking about this exchange.  I was thinking that while
I understand that it's humor, I still don't get the 'joke'.  We (myself
included), too often, make disparaging or negative comments about things and
couch them as jokes.  The problem is that Mellisant is right - events are the
SCA's lifeblood and without willing autocrats that's the end of that.  Even
those of us who recognize the 'just kidding' part of that statement are left
wondering what is behind the negativitiy.

I too avoid autocratting - I have phone freeze, which makes it hard to
arrange sites.  Actually, though, the one time I did it it wasn't that bad
 (Except the snowstorm the day before that brought a ton of cancellations,
and the beautiful weather the day of that brought a ton of un-cancellations).

I guess there's no real point here, just some things I was thinking about.
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