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Re: Are Carrots Period?

Poster: afcarey@norfolk.infi.net (anne carey)

linneah wrote

> It said that carrots
>were not widely eaten until the 1600's when the Dutch developed the wild plant
>into a larger-rooted version that made it worth eating.

According to a children's video i've seen called "the carrot highway"
(don't ask) Carrots per se *are* period, just not carrots as we know them

According to the video, carrots in period came in a variety of colors from
white to yellow to red to *blue*... They were not as large or as sweet as
the modern version...The modern orange carrot was a mutation discovered in
the 1600's and everyone thought it was so cool 'cause it was orange that
they cultivated it...Then the frenchies got into the act and started being
more selective in breeding for certain traits and *voila* the modern orange
carrot...large, tasty, and sweet...

IMHO--who can tell the veracity of a children's video called "the carrot
highway"...although it did have a catchy tune!!! :D


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