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Re: Are Carrots Period?

Poster: "Misty Boyer" <bisclav@hotmail.com>

>Poster: Kerry Romano 
>Here's an interesting thing I ran across in the grocery store today.  They had
>booklet of fruits and veggies that listed the history of some.  It said that
>were not widely eaten until the 1600's when the Dutch developed the wild plant

>into a larger-rooted version that made it worth eating.
>Any comments?

The pamphlet was accurate.  The carrot originated 3,000 years ago in Middle
Asia in the area of Afghanistan, and slowly spread into the Mediterranean area.
The first carrots were white, purple and yellow - not orange - and they weren't
very tasty.  Better-tasting orange carrots were developed in the 1600s by the
Dutch. All modern day carrots are directly descended from dutch-bred carrots.  

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