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dance :(

Poster: Karen Louise Flessas <louise.flessas@worldnet.att.net>

>Poster: Temp Receptionist <DC.TEMP@novell.com>
>Can someone please tell me if when and where a dance practice in the
>greater washington metropoitan area takes place? I hear Storvick has
>one on Wednesdays at the Baronesses house but I am not sure and I
>would like to know if there are any others.
>Thank you
>Maria Beatriz la Mora 

I'm sorry to say that the Storvik practices are not being held presently.
Hopefully a new practice will be starting soon.


Frau Johanna von Sudeborn
Seneschal, Barony of Storvik
Per chevron argent and azure, three shears counterchanged, a bordure sable


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