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Re: Cost of an event

Poster: smithjh@ed.concord.wvnet.edu (Jason Smith)

I have no real idea what this string is about, but I JUST couldn't help

        My soon to be wife and myself sat down the other evening trying to
figure out where our money goes. We figured up how much it costs us to go to
an average event. Now keep in mind this is for two people, gas for a Ford
Explorer, an average trip of 3 hours each way plus 2 meals per day for 2
days. We figured we spend about $100 per event, and this does include site
fee. This was a real shocker for me...
Figured I would pass some of my more thought out mindless banter on to some
appreciative friends =)

Feeling a little silly at 3am!
Ciaran MacGhabhain

Be true to thy self, and in doing so, ye be true to all...
The dream is what we ALL make of it...If it is wrong, look within first...
then without...

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