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Re: Cost of an event

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu>

'Gregory Stapleton'
> I often hear this sentiment and I'm not picking on M'Lord Eogan, he just
> provides the excuse for me to pipe up.  Here's how I look at it:
> $15.00, even for just a single day event is incrediblly reasonable for a
> day or more (if its a Fri-Sun) event, is INCREDIBLLY cheap for that much
> entertainment.  Especially if that includes staying at the site for an
> overnight or multi-night event and being fed one or more meals, such as
> the Guardians often put on at King's Mountain, which has cabins and
> great cooking facilities.  For my wife and I to go out for a few hours
> on a Friday evening to Dinner at Applebee's or a comperable middle-class
> restruant and a movie costs us well over $20.00.
> If you want nice, grand events, you have to provide the money for them
> to be funded with, else you won't have nice, grand events.

The issue isn't the cost of the event *per se*.  I think everyone will
agree that events have a much higher 'bang for the buck' then movies or
someother form of entertainment.  The issue is the use of the money.  In
order to keep events having this nice ratio of money to fun, I don't
think groups should waste money or unnecessarily overcharge for events.

I don't think Barony X should change me an extra $3 at the gate so they
can buy themselves a $3000 pavillion (especially if they are not
advertising that that is what they are doing). They should hold seperate
fundraisers for that.  I also don't think that an autocrat should charge
extra for a feast because they are too lazy to shop at wharehouse clubs
rather than Safeway down the street. 

Certain small improvements (like a new pot or new signs) are quite
reasonable and wouldn't seem like gouging.  I would just like the cost of 
the event in line with the real costs to have the event.

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