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Cost of an event

Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com>

>I have noticed the same trend that Byrum has.  It seems that when I 
>joined 4 years ago that spending $15 for an event seemd like an expensive 
>event.  Now it seems like the norm.  
>And what are the prices liike in other kingdoms?
>Eogan (who has only been to one out of Kingdom event).

Greetings all,

I often hear this sentiment and I'm not picking on M'Lord Eogan, he just
provides the excuse for me to pipe up.  Here's how I look at it:
$15.00, even for just a single day event is incrediblly reasonable for a
day or more (if its a Fri-Sun) event, is INCREDIBLLY cheap for that much
entertainment.  Especially if that includes staying at the site for an
overnight or multi-night event and being fed one or more meals, such as
the Guardians often put on at King's Mountain, which has cabins and
great cooking facilities.  For my wife and I to go out for a few hours
on a Friday evening to Dinner at Applebee's or a comperable middle-class
restruant and a movie costs us well over $20.00.

If you want nice, grand events, you have to provide the money for them
to be funded with, else you won't have nice, grand events.

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