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Re: Autocratting an event

Poster: Wynn Klosky <klosky@meeker.UCAR.EDU>

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Peter H Clarke wrote:

> Why can't events be considered a Fund Raiser?  The money that is raised is spent on stuff for the group to make the next event better or on group
> stuff such as sunshades, coronets, regailia, newsletters etc.  It takes
> an certain amount of operating capital just to keep a group functional. 

I, for one, feel events CAN be considered a fund raiser, so long as
you advertise that fact in advance: This event will be a fundraiser
for the Barony of Crooklimb Elm. Thank you for attending and helping
us raise money for our new pavilino!!!

Don't just view every event as a cash cow. That's tacky and greedy.
If your group needs to raise money for regalia for your baron, it
is something of a shame to pick your friends' pockets for it. To
say, "OK, the feast and site will come to $7 per person, let's
tack on an extra $2 per to raise money -- that's not much!" It's
still money you have taken from your friends without their knowledge.

Many will disagree with me for this sort of logic, but there you
go. I'm not involved in helping so much in my shire because I
want us to have a $10,000 bank account. No thanks. (We don't,
but some groups I know of *DO*.)

> I think having the money, for an event, in the bank well before the
> event,  causes less stress on those who require it.  Instead of  having
> to wait until a week or so before the event to have the necessary capitol.
> What is the problem with having money in the bank?

There's nothing wrong with keeping as much money as you will need
to start off the next event, and maybe even a couple hundred to
a thousand or so over that (depending on the size of your group)
for contingency buying power. But don't sit there on $10,000, please.
No one group needs that much unless they are planning to start a
business or buy a home...

branwynn ottersby
So much of a penny-pincher that Lincoln's screaming...
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