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Re: Autocratting an event

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: Tom Brady <duncan@technomancer.com> 
> Greetings, all! 
> Lady Anarra makes some excellent points, and I certainly defer to 
> her wisdom. I just wanted to expand on one point that she made: 
> > Turn the Feast/Kitchen/Clean-up/Hall Set Up over to the Cook to 
> > recruit bodies. 
> > Or Work with your cook to make sure those jobs are covered.  
> > Again, don't assume the cook will handle all that.  Agree who will be 
> > in charge of what up front. 
> Amen to this! I have been to too many events (in varying locales) 
> where making a person in charge of Kitchen Cleanup/Hall Setup has 
> been forgotten or, even worse, left to the Head Cook (who certainly 
> has other things to deal with). If anyone is considering autocratting 
> an event, I urge you to find a dependable person for these jobs. 

I concur- the head cook should just be responsible for the feast.  You should 
get a separate person to be in charge of hall clean-up, and kitchen clean-up.
> Also, at the end of the feast, when all of the food has been served, 
> the kindest thing you can do for the Head Cook and their staff is to 
> throw them out of the kitchen (preferably into a comfy chair with 
> suitable potables and goodies close at hand - chocolate is good). Oh, 
> but if you do thi, make sure someone is around who knows what gets 
> put away where :-) 

This was well-handled at I Pugni, where we got flowers, chocolate, and foot 
and shoulder rubs for cooking!
> [Autocratting a successful event]: 
> > All I did during the day was sit in front of my tent and cardweave 
> > and talk to the visitors. 
> Indeed. A calm autocrat is a happy autocrat. 
> -Duncan 
> Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill 

And a well-organized autocrat with a competent staff is a calm autocrat......


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