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Re: Autocratting an event

Poster: Tom Brady <duncan@technomancer.com>

Greetings, all!

Lady Anarra makes some excellent points, and I certainly defer to her
wisdom. I just wanted to expand on one point that she made:
> Turn the Feast/Kitchen/Clean-up/Hall Set Up over to the Cook to recruit bodies.
> Or Work with your cook to make sure those jobs are covered.  Again, don't assume
> the cook will handle all that.  Agree who will be in charge of what up front.

Amen to this! I have been to too many events (in varying locales) where
making a person in charge of Kitchen Cleanup/Hall Setup has been forgotten
or, even worse, left to the Head Cook (who certainly has other things to
deal with). If anyone is considering autocratting an event, I urge you to
find a dependable person for these jobs.

Also, at the end of the feast, when all of the food has been served, the
kindest thing you can do for the Head Cook and their staff is to throw
them out of the kitchen (preferably into a comfy chair with suitable
potables and goodies close at hand - chocolate is good). Oh, but if you do
thi, make sure someone is around who knows what gets put away where :-)

[Autocratting a successful event]: 
> All I did during the day was sit in front of my tent and cardweave
> and talk to the visitors.

Indeed. A calm autocrat is a happy autocrat.

Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill
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