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Re: Autocratting an event

Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H Clarke)

On Thu, 5 Dec 96 11:48:41 EST Bards keep <s0jswelc@atlas.vcu.edu> writes:
>Poster: Bards keep <s0jswelc@atlas.vcu.edu>
>> Poster: Janet Toney/Terry Neill <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>
>> >>>And just to make sure that I don't make a complete mess of it, 
>does anyone
>> any pointers to give me?  They would be very appreciated. I never 
>pass up free
><snip lady Annarra's various pointers and experience gained
>autocrating Emerald and other events, since the age of 14>
>> 1. Everyone has fun (including you)
>> 2. You don't lose money
>> 3. You don't run out of toilet paper
>> Good Luck!  Have Fun!
>> 	- Anarra Karlsdottir
>---->I agree with almost everything you said,except rule #2.I
>believe that it is sometimes not possible to offer a good event
>and come in under or even on budget.While this should be a
>goal,so that having events is not putting the group in the red every
>month, realistically some smaller groups who don't get the
>attendance, and esp. the money that comes to Caer Mear because of
>Emerald may have to make the sacrifice of grump funds to do that.
> Groups have to spend money to make events worth coming
>to, and sometimes that little bit extra, that can drive you over
>budget, can add enough to make the event worth coming to a year
>or two down the road.Groups that spend money to make the event
>more comfortable for their guests reap the return, if not in
>group funds now,or down the road, but in reputation. It's always
>great to here "Wow, group X throws the spiffiest event."
>And there are always emergencies, as you pointed out, and
>sometimes those cost a bit more than even a good autocrat's
>emergency fund can cover.That is why, IMO, groups have money in
>the bank. It's the only good reason a "not-for-profit" group
>should have money sitting around.
>    Which of course leads to another
>arguments,that events aren't suppose to make money. That if a
>group is in need to funds it should make them the way other
>social groups do: fund raisers. This to me, seems highly
>preferable to charging more for a event than is needed.
>   Is it just me or are events becoming more expensive, in this 

>(I say in this Kingdom, because I know that even our most
>expensive event in Atlantia pales to the cost of events in other
>Kingdoms.)Why are events so much more expensive than when I
>joined 6 or 7 years ago? Is it inflation? The rising cost of
>sites? Do people on this list really believe that we are offering
>more services to our guest(read each other) that warrant the
>additional cost?
>I'd appreciate the thoughts on this one,

They are more expensive.  Food costs more, sites cost more, supplies cost
more.  I don't think that the profits from events is that much greater
than it used to be.  Yes, inflation is one cause for the higher prices.

>BdeB(who def. believes in spending money on Toilet Paper! :) )

Why can't events be considered a Fund Raiser?  The money that is raised is spent on stuff for the group to make the next event better or on group
stuff such as sunshades, coronets, regailia, newsletters etc.  It takes
an certain amount of operating capital just to keep a group functional. 
I remember this past Emerald, I had to wait until reservation money came
in to get money to cook the feast.  I had hoped to do some precooking,
but was unable to because funds were not available until right before
the event.  If I had access to the money sooner, I could have purchased
some food when it was on sale and lowered the total cost for the feast. 
 A majority of the money for the event is usually not available until the
week or so before the event.  Also, the prizes for emerald are very nice
and cost some money to have made.  Fortunately, we have a very fine jeweler in the Barony whom we could order stuff from and pay him later.

I think having the money, for an event, in the bank well before the
event,  causes less stress on those who require it.  Instead of  having
to wait until a week or so before the event to have the necessary capitol. What is the problem with having money in the bank?
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