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Re: Autocratting an event

Poster: CORVUS2@aol.com

In a message dated 96-12-05 16:24:38 EST, klosky@meeker.UCAR.EDU (Wynn
Klosky) writes:

<< There's nothing wrong with keeping as much money as you will need
 to start off the next event, and maybe even a couple hundred to
 a thousand or so over that (depending on the size of your group)
 for contingency buying power.  >>

Yee-hah!  Finally got the doggone thing to reply to the list!!!

Anywho, some time back I remember reading the Society Seneschal's letter in a
TI which said a group should maintain something like 1 1/2 to 2 times their
most expensive event.  This seems totally reasonable to me.  I have
autocratted several events where I was worried about being able to pay the
site fee, due to the amount of money in the bank account before the event.
 There is very little worse than being the autocrat who has no advance monies
to work from or to give the cook to buy the food.

Also, while everyone's bemoaning the cost of events, be aware that many
events in Meridies start at $17 per person and the highest I remember seeing
was $23.00 per person with no discount for kids for a standard weekend thing!
 (I used to get their newsletter.)  To me, $13.00 for me and half-price for
my daughter seems quite fair.


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