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Re: Event monies

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

> >    Is it just me or are events becoming more expensive, in this Kingdom?
> I've heard this same question every year since I've joined, every
> place I've lived. It's led me to believe....that events are costing
> more :^)

As autocrat of more events than I can count, and none that were
particularly overpriced and none that have lost much money:

It's true.  In Gregory Blount's post he delights in the availability of
cheap sites and bemoans that some expensive ones cost up to $500.
It is an unfortunate fact of life that even relatively inexpensive sites
are often going to run $2-3 per person *just for the hall* (especially
in the greater Storvik co-prosperity sphere). That doesn't include the
all important TP, etc.  :-)

In addition, I do not think it inappropriate for autocrats to build into
the site fees of cheaper events a certain amount of 'capital
improvement' - the purchase of signs or what not that will then become
part of the group's 
gear for use at other events.  

But whoever posted that a $7 off board fee is outrageous is right.

We do have some fundraising events, and whether that is as it should be
or not is not the issue.  But when two days without food at an
unimproved site costs
$15, one needs to begin to wonder.

Perhaps sites *are* expensive, and we'll have to live with it.  But if
we truly
object, perhaps we should just stop going to the expensive ones and
people will get the hint....

ever a radical (and as seneschal I probably shouldn't be stirring this
up but what the hey....)
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