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Re: Autocratting an event

Poster: Wynn Klosky <klosky@meeker.UCAR.EDU>

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Bards keep wrote:

>    Is it just me or are events becoming more expensive, in this Kingdom?

I've heard this same question every year since I've joined, every
place I've lived. It's led me to believe....that events are costing
more :^)

I dunno, it seems to go in cycles. You can find some real bargains.
Winter events like Twelfth Nights for some reason seem to really,
REALLY hit the purse around here. There are some groups that seem
to be in the business of making money, keeping upwards of thousands
of dollars in their accounts. I'm sorry. You don't need to hold
on to $10,000 of your friends' money. They can do that for you.
Maybe a thousand, or maybe two if sites are stiffly deposited where
you are...even worse was the time I went to a HORRIBLY overcharged
event where the group then turned around and presented the kingdom
with a $2,000 some-odd check "from the Generosity of the people
of GroupX" -- a friend sitting near me said, almost not-audible,
"Hey! That's my money!" (You'd have to understand the conditions --
horrible site, paltry & inedible food, and LARGE, LARGE fee...
the money they gave to the Crown came DIRECTLY from the money
they'd made off all the people who came.) That's just tacky. Like
Byram said, if you wanna hold a fundraiser, hold a fundraiser.
Don't do it under false pretence.

The most expensive one-day event I've seen was $32 per person.
No camping. No elaborate site. No elaborate feast. Just the
expense. (There was a feast, but it was simple.) I didn't go.
The most expensive camping event was the one I mentioned above,
but I don't remember the exact price. Pennsic was a steal,
though, comparatively (averaged over the week and a half).

But then, there are the refreshing events that cost $8 for the
weekend and food, and we are all amazed. I always like
Cariadoc's idea of each group HOSTING the neighbours, like
you do when you have someone for dinner...then the neighbours
reciprocate. Obviously, that would have to start somewhere...

> BdeB(who def. believes in spending money on Toilet Paper! :) )

A couple of Estrella Wars ago, a bunch of us from the Outlands
brought a bunch of TP. A certain unnamed dry-witted, highly
organized countess who thought Atenveldt should be better on top
of things than to let its biggest event run out of TP every
year coordinated the effort, and printed up hundreds of wrappers
on her home printing Geico thing that read, "Compliments of the
Kingdom of the Outlands" with nice little graphic of a deer in
green. We wrapped all of the rolls and made a trip around the
site one night delivering rolls to all the portajohns. It was hilarious.

Toilet paper doesn't spoil. You can always save it for the next
event!!!! I always bring a roll with me on long trips (grew up
in Germany, what can I say...those Autobahn restrooms didn't
always have paper...), but I don't think it should have to become
like bringing your own feast gear! :^)
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