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Re: money from events was (RE: Autocratting an event)

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> >   Is it just me or are events becoming more expensive, in this 
> > Kingdom? 
> Actually before I left the Meridies, prices there were beginning to go 
> up as 
> well.  Sometimes a decent site forces a huge event fee and sometimes 
> it's 
> just folks that don't have access to cheap sources of meat, etc.  I 
> can't imagine 
> what it must be like to feast - o - crat in a place like DC or 
> Richmond, for instance. 
> The amount of money that one would need scares me...  Anyway that's 
> my $.02 worth. 
> Rebecca 
> > 
> > 
Co-feast-o-cratted one in Ponte Alto at a site borrowed from Storvik- the I 
Pugni event.  Pre-paid, it was $9/person total.  Feast ran about $6.25/person, 
with three removes of meat (stew, meat pies, chicken) and two veggies for each 
remove, salad, bread, cheese, two kinds of butter, and a marzipan desert 
remove.  I don't know how Caer Maer's costs run, but that's the DC metro area 
for you....I think it pretty decent for the price, but then I used my genetic 
haggling advantage when buying food...  ;-)

Miriam Rachael bat Mordecai

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