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Re: Autocratting an event

Poster: Kerry Romano <linneah@erols.com>

On the subject of events making too much money, I remember the first event I 
ever autocrated.  The fees were low - $9 for a camping event.  Well, due to the 
unexpectedly large number of people who attended and the counted-on- 
paying-for-but-were-donated items I had, the event ended up making around 
$300!  I will admit to still being embarassed by this total.

There is nothing wrong with bringing in a little extra, but I agree with most 
everyone who has stated an opinion - the fundraiser(s) should be announced.  
Deliberately (or unintenionally due to lack of guidance) overpricing an event 
without the express purpose of an announced fundraiser is, in my opinion, not 
a wise thing.  It is also  an unkind thing to do to those of us on a budget (and 
who isn't?).

In service,
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