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Re: Are Carrots Period?

Poster: Stephanie Malone Thorson <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>

Linneah writes:

> Here's an interesting thing I ran across in the grocery store today.  They had a 
> booklet of fruits and veggies that listed the history of some.  It said that carrots 
> were not widely eaten until the 1600's when the Dutch developed the wild plant 
> into a larger-rooted version that made it worth eating.
> Any comments?

<digging vigourously in memory files>

We had a thread about this over on Medtext-l a year or so ago.  Somebody 
there (I think) remembered something about an article in a gardening 
magazine (maybe Organic Gardening?) about the development of certain root 
veggies, which concluded that the medieval carrot was much more like a 
small parsnip than the orange root we now know.  If the archives are 
functioning, I'll run a search to them and see what comes back up.  
Medtext-l moved servers about a year ago and the archives have been down 
or iffy since.

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