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Re: Storvick,Ponte Alto and or Stierbach dance practice

Poster: Tanner Lovelace <lovelace@acm.org>

Giovan wrote in response to Baron Corun:

> This is something I've never quite understood.  I started going to dance
> practice.  When 3 months later Lady Ursula's schedule changed so that she
> couldn't make it regularly, I borrowed her copy of Rose and Nefr and
> never looked back.  Why are people afraid of becoming a dancemaster?
> Gregory Blount's dance cheat sheets are wonderful for this.  Anything I've
> danced I can get a reminder of, and they're free.  Look on his website.

I'm not sure it's purely a matter of people afraid of becoming a
dancemaster, although that's probably part, but rather everyone
I know in this area seems to be way too busy to begin with.
(I know I am.)  Is this just a symptom of this area (greater
Washington, D.C.) or does this happen in other parts of the Kingdom
as well?

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