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Poster: Matthew Allen Newsome <mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu>

Hello all.  I seem to have two conflicting sources, and I wondered if 
anyone can help me. 
I was doing some research into what weapons were available in what 
periods in Scotland.  
The chapter on Arms & Armour in The Complete Encyclopedia of Antiques 
says claymores (the big two handed swords) came into general use in 
Scotland in the 16th Century.
While the book _A Traveler's Guide to the Scotland of Robert the Bruce_ 
mentions a long, two-handed sword used by swinging it in a downward arc 
that sounds an awful lot like a claymore to me.
Unfortuneatley, all of my books on Arms and Armour, as well as Scottish 
History are in boxes in storage at the moment.  So does anyone have any 
information that could possibly clear this up?

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