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Re: claymores

Poster: Dan Mackison <DanM@skantech.com>

mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu wrote:
> Hello all.  I seem to have two conflicting sources, and I wondered if
> anyone can help me.
[much deleted]
> History are in boxes in storage at the moment.  So does anyone have any
> information that could possibly clear this up?
> Aye,
> Eogan

You bring up an interesting point for in fact you have two questions.

1) When did the Scots begin using two handed swords?
2) When did they start calling them claymores?

	One item I find quite often is the use of the same pattern or idea in
two places and in two times in history. Occasionally, it is possible to
show how the pattern travelled. Occasionally, its a case of two groups
of people coming up with the same idea independently.
	In either case, the people involved use their own name.

	Naming problems often find their way into SCA slang. Most fighters I
know call a helm with a top made from plates joined by metal bands a
(Viking) Spangenhelm. However I have also seen in the SCA an obviously
historically-accurate Japenese helm called a Spangenhelm just because
its top was constucted in a similar manner.

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