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Re: requesting aethelbrose recipe

Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

At 19:45 11-12-96 +0000, Lorna <LORNABAKER@aol.com> wrote:
>Does anyone have a good aethelbrose, athelbrose, ethelbrose, I'm not sure how
>to spell it, but it requires that one soak oatmeal in I believe heavy cream,
>there is some honey involved and some kind of liquor.
>Thanks Lorna

Atholl Brose

     It was very common to mix whisky with honey in the past and equally
common to mix liquid with oatmeal.  Bringing the two together in this potent
way is credited to a Duke of Atholl during a Highland rebellion in 1475, who
is said to have foiled his enemies by filling the well which they normally
drank from with this ambrosial mixture, which so intoxicated them that they
were easily taken.
     Some traditional recipes leave in the whole oatmeal while this one,
reputed to have come from a Duke of Atholl, uses only the strained liquid
from steeping the oatmeal in water.
          6 oz / 175 g medium otameal (1-1/2 c)
          4 tablespoons heather honey
          1-1/2 pt / 3/4 L whisky (3-3/4 c)
          3/4 pt / 450 ml water (2 c)
     Put the oatmeal into a bowl and add the water.  Leave for about an
hour.  Put into fine sieve and press all the liquid through.  (Use the
remaining oatmeal for putting into bread or making porridge - see p. 26).
Add honey to the sieved liquid and mix well.  Pour into a large bottle and
fill up with the whisky.  Shake well before use.
     May be drunk as a liqueur; is often served at festive celebrations such
as New Year, or may be mixed with stiffly whipped cream and served with
shortbread as a sweet.

(*Scottish Cookery*, by Catherine Brown.  Copyright 1989 Catherine Brown.
Reprinted 1990, Richard Drew Publishing Ltd, Glasgow.)

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James and/or Nancy Gilly

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