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In search of Angus

Poster: Matthew Allen Newsome <mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu>

Aaaaarrrgghhh!  I think I'm going crazy.  Maybe one of you good gentles 
could assist.  I remember reading about a year ago in a book I got from 
ILL and no longer have access to (or even remember the title), about a 
man named Angus Og, of the MacDonalds of the Isles, who led a rebellion 
within the Lordship of the Isles sometime around 1480 AD.
Now, I need to know some more about this man, but unfortunately, I can 
find no more information.  I have looked through all of my personal 
reference books.  I have been through the possible sources in my school 
library numerous times.  I have exhausted a very friendly and 
understanding research librarian ("Angus who?  You gotta be kidding!").  
And I have found nothing.  I am beginning to think I dreamed up the whole 
thing.  So I turn to the denizens of the Merry Rose for help, as you have 
proven so resourceful in answering my questions of the past.  Did this 
event ever occur?  Did this man ever exist.  Alternate spellings of his 
name may be:
Angus Og
Aonghus Og
Aonghais Og
Angus Ogg
Angus Og MacDonald
Angus MacDonald
Or any combination thereof.  Note:  This is a different guy that the 
Aonghus Og, Ancient Celtic Love God (there's I title I'd like to have), 
and Angus Og, Lord of the Isles, who lead the Islanders under Robert the 
Bruce in the Wars of Independance.  I don't need information about these 
two.  If anyone knows anything about this man or this supposed rebellion, 
please help.
Eogan Og
(Ancient Celtic Love God)
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