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request help w/computer problems

Poster: LORNABAKER@aol.com

O.K. Any computer literate folks out there, here's your assignment should you
choose to accept it. I have a 486 with 640K & 8RAM. When I keyed in "mem" at
the DOS prompt, it listed that I have used 24K. My problems are as follows: I
have excessively long delays between the print order & printing actually
occurring. It prints immediately for my DOS program, but I have had up to 4
minutes delay when using windows 3.1,Microsoft Word, and AOL, which means to
me that it's not my printer or it would delay in DOS also.In addition if I
have been inactive for a few minutes either with the windows screen or on a
page in word, my keyboard and mouse lock up. I have to restart to get back to
where I was, sometimes loosing part of the document I was keying. I have
taken my entire computer setup to a local repair shop several times. Of
course, it never locks up for them. It's not my keyboard, as it locks up with
another one as well. They removed my screen savers one time, but the screen
savers miraculasly reappeared later. I have deleted them again. They thought
that the screen savers were possibly why things are moving so slowly (the
backspace, delete, arrow keys, and sometimes keying are painfully slow.)
Another issue, I was sending to my printer lots of stuff from AOL. The
printer had a problem. I was given a new printer. I somehow found a place
that told me all the stuff I was trying to print was still stored in the
print spooler. I haven't been able to find that place again, nor have I been
able to find out how to make it print that stuff once I ever got back there.
Is it possible that all the other stuff in the print spooler is causing my
print delays? If so, how do I print it?
If you respond and feel this would go better via phone. Give me your number
and times to call. I'd very much like to fix these problems and have them
stay fixed.
Thanks for your time and hopefully your help.
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