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RE: Well it finally happened to me...

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

>From: 	WzrdKing@aol.com[SMTP:WzrdKing@aol.com]
>Sent: 	Wednesday, December 18, 1996 2:25 AM
>To: 	atlantia@atlantia.sca.org
>Subject: 	Well it finally happened to me...
>Poster: WzrdKing@aol.com
>     Now I know that on some level I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill
>here, and don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch and all of that crap. But I
>still can't help feeling that as much as I love the dream, (I've been avidly
>reading about the period for almost 40 years now,) I'm not sure that the
>dream is worth going back to high school for.
>     Thanks for letting me vent good gentles,
>          Luther
>PS, I'm posting this only to my good Atlantian friends, becaus the incident
>occured in the Eastkingdom, and as I said, I have no wish to personally
>humiliate anyone.


Having no wish to humiliate anyone is an adult attitude.  Berating
someone for
improper garb at a demo is not.  Whenever I've been at a demo where the
was "inappropriate" (newcomer wearing a white belt, etc.) it was quietly
that they may want to change.  However making a large scene that the
can see about inappropriate garb embarrasses the society as well.  This
is the
public's first image of the society in many cases.  Polite behavior is
always required.
When I see such public behavior that could offend, I report the
individual to their
local superior or their local seneschal.  If it is a seneschal making
public scenes
over garb I report their behavior to their superior.  It's nice not to
want to humiliate
anyone but it's also (in my opinion) the "victim's" responsibility to
report the individual
so there are no other "victims".  Sorry to ramble and hope I haven't
your point.  It is a little early for me to be posting.

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