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Re: Scroll idea

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: Logan and Arielle <logan123@charlotte.infi.net> 
> We just got this email and I wanted to see (only for a very SHORT 
> time what the rest of you thought about the idea. 
> TRM Logan & Arielle 
> Subject: 
>          Re: Scroll Appreciation! 
> Mistress Orianna, is the current Seneschale of the Principality 
> of AEthelmaerc.  I think the idea presented here is a very interesting 
> one, worthy of consideration. 
>  > -----  
> >From: Orilee_J_Ireland-Delfs@wb.xerox.com (Ireland-Delfs,Orilee J) 

> >We have been trying to do this in AEthelmearc with some success. 
> > Either the Royalty keep the scrolls or it is announced in court 
> > that recipients of scrolls are asked to deliver their scrolls to 
> > a selected spot where they are put on display for a period of time 
> > after court. 

Not a bad idea- it might give scribes' work more exposure.
> > 
> >Obviously, this only works if there is time after court to do so!  But, 
> > since our latest Royalty have been making a habit of having court 
> > before dinner, the scrolls are then displayed during dinner and 
> > the recipients can then collect them later. 

Perhaps a display after dinner when no one is carrying food around would be 
> > 
> >Orianna 

> >-Poster: "Household Account" <wyvern@megahits.com> 
> > 
> >> -Poster: bnostran@lynx.neu.edu (Barbara Nostrand) 
> >> 
> >> As an occasional scrivener of scrolls I must say that I enjoy scroll 
> > aclimation 
> >> as much as anyone.  However, I do not think that ritualized "oo, 
> >> ahhh, oohhh" accomplishes this.  It is much better for the recipient 
> >> to be appropriately 
> > 
> >Heartily agreed, Solveig! 
> > 
> >I've often regretted the lack of opportunity to view the scribes' 
> >art more closely.  Too often scrolls are held aloft for a moment in 
> >court and then disappear forever down the aisle clutched by 
> >their bedazzled recipient -- never to be seen again except by a few 
> >lucky friends who'll see them framed on a wall at home... 

Well, one has to remember that the recipient is the owner once the scroll is 
bestowed by the Crown.  I once created two scrolls as A&S prizes for an event 
I couldn't go to, didn't have time to take a picture for my archive, and none 
of the friends I asked remembered to.  I consider them to be my best work, but 
for all I know they got rumpled up and stuffed in a bag or box or goodness 
knows what afterwards.  That's life when you're a scribe.  You do your best 
knowing that it will most likely be seen for three seconds in court, then put 
in a drawer 'til it can be framed, maybe taken out of kingdom.  Maybe stuffed 
in a bag and thrown out.  The best time to view scrolls has, imho, been at A&S 
exhibitions where you can take a good long look.
> > 
> >Perhaps it would be a good idea to encourage the display of 
> >scrolls presented during court at a _safe_  protected location 
> >afterwards so that the populace can review and appreciate the 
> >scribes' artwork. 

This sounds like a good idea- have a special table set aside.

> >This could even be accomplished by the Royalty by showing the scrolls 
> >in court but not actually handing it to the shocked recipient (who 
> >must often guard it precariously while fending off well ment 
> >but potentially disasterous congratulations).   The scrolls would then 
> >be displayed after court and picked up in a more orderly (and 
> >protected) fashion by their new owners. 

When one receives an award or a scroll, one wants to walk away with it to 
peruse and enjoy it. One does not wish to be teased with a glimpse only to 
really be able to look at it later. To be presented with such a thing only to 
have to wait for it seems annoying.  I think the request to take it to the 
display table after dinner is best.
> > 
> >Just my two farthings... 
> >Lord Macsen ap Rhys of Wyvernhall, GMB (macsen@wyvernhall.com) 
> >Archer, Herald, Chirurgeon, Bowman's Rest, BBM, EK http://
> >www.wyvernhall/household/macsen.htm 
Miriam bat Mordecai

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