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RE: Scroll idea

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

>>From: Orilee_J_Ireland-Delfs@wb.xerox.com (Ireland-Delfs,Orilee J)
>>To: sca-east@facteur.std.com
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>>Subject: Re: Scroll Appreciation!
>>Date: Tue, 17 Dec 96 20:22:30 +0000
>>-Poster: Orilee_J_Ireland-Delfs@wb.xerox.com (Ireland-Delfs,Orilee J)
>>We have been trying to do this in AEthelmearc with some success.
>> Either the Royalty keep the scrolls or it is announced in court that
>> recipients of scrolls are asked to deliver their scrolls to a selected
>> spot where they are put on display for a period of time after court.

This is an excellent idea however how is that selected spot protected? I
get very nervous when someone suggest displaying work directly at feast.
A well meaning admirer with a sweating goblet can cause countless 
amounts of damage.   

Comments like "we need to display more..." make me realize how few
know that  there ARE displays at events of scrolls but usually end up
with the 
A&S  display, sometimes several blocks away from any other activity.
don't see A&S work or scroll work because the display location is so
far. Granted
since I took office, there have been less but I do have plans to change

>>> As an occasional scrivener of scrolls I must say that I enjoy scroll
>> aclimation
>>> as much as anyone.  However, I do not think that ritualized "oo, ahhh,
>>> accomplishes this.  It is much better for the recipient to be
Agreed.  I think the key issue here is that A&S displays and scroll
should be in more prominent locations so that it is easy to get to them,
or after court.

>>Perhaps it would be a good idea to encourage the display of scrolls
>>presented during court at a _safe_  protected location afterwards so
>>that the populace can review and appreciate the scribes' artwork.
>>This could even be accomplished by the Royalty by showing the scrolls
>>in court but not actually handing it to the shocked recipient (who must
>>often guard it precariously while fending off well ment but potentially
>>disasterous congratulations).   

Agreed however we would have to consider those that are not on board and
those that have to leave directly after court.  Again I'm always for
the display of scrolls.  I just wish such displays weren't hidden so far

Rebecca the Contrary
Clerk of Signet, Atlantia
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