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Re: Haggis

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Ed Hopkins)

Miriam Esther bat Issachar wrote, in part:

> [...] They guy who lives behind us [...] is selling us a sheep at
> a great price. Brok is going to butcher the thing, but in typical
> Brok fashion, he doesn't want to waste a bite. Therefore we are in
> search of a good Haggis recipe. [...]

Please ask Brok to considering how toys and games can help in
making slaughter thrifty.  The bladder can be inflated and used
either as the core of a football (mka "soccer" ball) or tied to
a stick to make the morningstar variety of jester's bauble.
The knucklebones (actually anklebones) can be used as dice
(be sure to look up the correct way of numbering the sides)
or jacks.  I believe the femurs can be used for a game a little
like bowling, I'll check Salaamallah's book.

Does your neighbor by anny chance let his sheep grow horns?

-- Alfredo
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