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Re: Well it finally happened to me...

Poster: DebSiobhan@aol.com


In a message dated 96-12-18 02:29:45 EST, Luther writes:

<< Well, we
 hadliterally not been there more than three minutes when a local SCA offial
 of long standing came roaring up, red in the face, absolutely furious over
 SCA faux pas in our garb. He proceeded to yell loud enough for the entire
 gathering to hear about the utter depravity of our offence and then told me
 that such garb should never ever be worn to an SCA event again. I tried my
 best to explain why I had committed this heinous crime and received  a
 snarled reply which might have been intended as an apology. >>

It's a shame that it happens at all and horrible when it happens to you.  I
would hope that more people who experience or witness such behavior would
confront the individual who is being such a boor and and let them know that
they can correct or comment without being rude.

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