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Re: Scroll idea

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: Scott Silvers/James of Westmorland <ssilvers@liberty.uc.wlu.edu> 
> <Great Idea Snipped> 
> 	If I may add my two coins worth. 
> 	I think displaying the scrolls is a great idea.  I'd love to 
> be able to see some of the works produced by our Kingdom's 
> magnificent artists.  When it comes to safety, may I make the 
> following suggestion:  Provide frames with the scrolls.  One can 
> purchase extremely cheap frames at Wal-Mart or K-mart which 
> would sufficiently protect the scrolls from most forms of damage.  
> Perhaps a sheet of clear plastic would also be necessary to protect 
> from fluid damage, but the frames would do to keep the scrolls from 
> being crushed or damaged by handling, besides giving the receiver a 
> safer way to transport (A good friend of mine received his AoA at an 
> event last year, but had to wait almost a month to get his scroll 
> back because he had no way to transport it safely and gave it to 
> someone else, who he was not able to see for some time.) 
> 					-James 
Along the lines of scroll transportation, whenever I do a scroll, I turn it in  
in a 'scroll saver'.  To make a scroll saver, take corrugated cardboard that 
is clean and stiff and in good condition.  Cut two pieces large enough to give 
your scroll a two inch border.  Now take masking tape of the wide variety and 
carefully tape three edges shut, leaving one long edge open to put in or take 
out the scroll.  I use these, and I know Mistress Tannis does as well.  That 
way, you can transport it safely to turn it in, and the recipient has a safe 
way to get it home.


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