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Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

You should post to:


(Dafydd ap Gwystl).  He "invented" the game based on period accounts of 
similar games.  He's Canadian - hockey's a genetic addiction up there.  
Anyway, he published the rules and documentationand the instructions for 
making the hittie-poundie-smackie things (cambok sticks) in one of the 
Oaks - I have a copy if you need it.  He'd probably be able to give you 
some kind of help and maybe lend you a few sticks, too.  It wouldn't be a 
bad canton project to build (at least 10) sticks for future use.  If the 
equipment were available it would really catch on.  I wanted to include a 
Southern debut of Cambok! at the Cerberus Tourney, but we had already 
extended ourselves on the logistics as it was.  Oh, well.


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