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Re: Scroll idea

Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H Clarke)

I think that the scrolls should have a viewing time.  I hardly ever get
to see a scroll presented in court.  I think that showing the scrolls
will be a nice pat on the back to the scribes who labor so intensely at

Take what ever precautions are necessary to protect the scrolls.  I don't
feel that a person would be put out about having to wait until after
feast to collect the scroll, especially since they can view it
themselves.  Usually all your friends want to see it as well.   I would
love for people to see a scroll I relieved.  I think it is important for
the scribes of atlantia to have their hard work and wonderful skills
displayed for all to see.

As to showing them during A&S competitions being viewing enough, I am
usually not available to view anything at those times.  I'm usually on
the field or in the kitchen and don't get an opportunity to see the A&S
stuff.  I sometimes enter a piece into the competitions, but usually my
lady does that for me and she also collects it at the end.

So, I am strongly in favor of showing scrolls presented in court!

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