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Re: Translation Anyone? (fwd)

Poster: Franca E Gorraz <francagorraz@sprintmail.com>

Good day gentles all,

I just checked my greek-italian old dictionary.  telesphoros has the
roots of telos, end, accomplisment, fulfillment and phero, bring, take..
so telesphoros would likely be a predicative title, indicating '
those who bring things to their proper fulfillment', and it could
easily be applied to all the martyrs, those who have brought faith to its
extreme end...this is a guess, but the connotation I get is pretty 

And since I am writing, gentle patrons of this merry inn, I would like
to ask you something: I find, sometimes, poems or little stories,
memories of Florence, that I think might bring you a smile, a pleasant
moment...but I do not wish to intrude on all the conversations going
on here: should I just sit happily at my table, and tell them to
those who specifically ask me, or should I get up and, mug in hand,
tell them to you all?

In service with a smile,

Eleonora Salutati degli Alberti / Franca Gorraz
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