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Re: Translation Anyone? (fwd)

Poster: Alys of Foxdale <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

> Poster: Franca E Gorraz <francagorraz@sprintmail.com>
> And since I am writing, gentle patrons of this merry inn, I would like
> to ask you something: I find, sometimes, poems or little stories,
> memories of Florence, that I think might bring you a smile, a pleasant
> moment...but I do not wish to intrude on all the conversations going
> on here: should I just sit happily at my table, and tell them to
> those who specifically ask me, or should I get up and, mug in hand,
> tell them to you all?
> In service with a smile,
> Eleonora Salutati degli Alberti / Franca Gorraz

Donna Eleonora,

I do not think you need to worry about interrupting conversations.  I
believe that if you stood to make a recitation, all those close enough
to hear would pause in their conversations to hear your words.  And
when you were done, they would either return to their conversations,
or stop to compliment you first!

And while I am still thinking about it, I do not believe I ever did
make you my compliments for that lovely poem about flowers that you
posted a week or so ago.  I was particularly pleased to hear it first
in your lovely tongue, and then in mine.

   Alys of Foxdale        | Vert, on a fess between three trees
foxdale@wolfstar.com      |     argent, a fox passant gules.

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