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Re: still another bad bad joke

Poster: linneah@erols.com

WzrdKing@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: WzrdKing@aol.com
> Which goes along with the old chestnut about the 3 knights who were
> approaching a bridge alleged to be cursed. The first knight sallied forth and
> was immediately grabbed by a pair of yellow hands and dragged to his doom.
> When the second Knight expressed his willingness to give the bridge a try,
> his companion replied, "No, watch this," and sent forth his three pages who
> reached the center of the bridge, and when the ghostly yellow hands arose,
> promptly cut them to pieces so that all could safely pass. The moral: "Let
> your pages do the walking through the yellow fingers."
>    Sorry about that,
>      Luther

  Boy, are you asking for it...

Long ago there was a king who heard of a magical island where the dolphins 
who frequented there actually lived forever.  So this king, being a curious sort, 
sent three of his wisest councilors to find out about the rumor.  Upon arrival at 
the island, the wise men discovered that there was a dense and impenetrable 
jungle that covered the land.  They set up a camp on the shore and proceeded to 
study the dolphins.  They discovered that the main source of food for the 
creatures was seagulls.  The wise men decided to capture the birds to lure the 
dolphins in so as to better study them.  This went on for a few weeks until the 
supply of gulls on their side of the island was exhausted.  As their ship had left 
them with a promise to return in a few months time, the wise men decided to see 
if there was some way through the jungle.  They were in luck as there was one 
narrow path that seemed to lead to the other side.  As they walked down the path 
in the dim light from the canopy, they soon discovered, to their horror, a lion 
who was sleeping across the path.  As the jungle was too thick on either side for 
them to go around, they carefully examined the animal, determined that he was, 
indeed, very fast asleep and decided to risk stepping over him.  This done, with 
the utmost care, I might add, the three continued on to the other side of the 
island and procured six fat sea gulls.  Then they bagan their return journey.  At 
the same spot on the path where they had first encountered the lion, they 
found him there again, still sleeping.  Having successfully crossed once, they 
decided to try again.  As soon as the last of their number had safely reached the 
other side, they were arrested by armed men.  The charge - transporting gulls 
over a sedate lion more immortal porpoises.

My appoloigies to everyone.

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