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Re: displaying scrolls etc

Poster: Alys of Foxdale <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

> Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>
> snip>
>  Perhaps we could 
> assemble a photo album that could be brought to Kingdom events so people could 
> look through it for ideas or to see examples of someone's work...
> Miriam bat Mordecai

That sounds like an excellent idea!  I am sure there are latent
scribes out there who might be encouraged to come out of the woodwork
if they saw that their work compared favorably, and others who might
be challenged to do better.

   Alys of Foxdale        | Vert, on a fess between three trees
foxdale@wolfstar.com      |     argent, a fox passant gules.

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