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Re: displaying scrolls etc

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Why is it that Scadians assume scrolls are only to be displayed 
> when they're first 
> received.  Especially if you have an event where there is an open A&
> S display.  Why 
> not bring scrolls created years ago so those of us not playing then, 
> or those who were not 
> Atlantians then can see them? I love seeing old work displayed 
> several different times at 
> different events.  If you have the space for it and know there is 
> a related display, bring it 
> framed and mention that it's "for display only" on a card.  It is 
> possible to display the same 
> thing more than once....  Scribes always beg me for examples of 
> _________________. 
> Rebecca 
I think the main reason is that every time you take a framed scroll down off 
the wall and transport it somewhere, you risk damage. I myself couldn't afford 
to replace broken glass or frames on the scrolls I've managed to frame, and if 
the scroll itself were damaged, I couldn't replace it at all. Perhaps we could 
assemble a photo album that could be brought to Kingdom events so people could 
look through it for ideas or to see examples of someone's work...

Miriam bat Mordecai

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