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Re: Scroll idea

Poster: "Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir" <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Allah's Blessed Peace!!

> Don't confuse the reaction of someone receiving a computer-generated 
> "scroll," which is really nothing more than a piece of paper, with
> receiving a hand-done scroll, which is a piece of artwork.  The first is 
> nothing more than an automated pat on the back, no better than the 
> "certificate of merit" you can buy at the local Staples and fill in on
> spot; big surprise if it's not appreciated (by fighters or anyone else). 
> great  trouble goes into making it, no great pleasure goes into receiving
> (beside the pleasure of winning itself, which may be considerable.)

I have to disagree with you, at least in part.  Tamara of Rowanwald did
some wonderful "promissory scrolls" that I delivered to Their Majesties at
Pointless War.  They were computer generated, but Tamara had taken the
trouble and time to embellish the wood pulp and toner into something a
little less invasive and alot more beautiful.

I don't know that a promissory of this type would make it into a frame and
be the centerpiece on my wall, but it beats the hell out of a
non-embellished scroll that is gratuitous at best.

I understand the kingdom has been chipping away at a hefty backlog for
scrolls, so promissories are a way of life for us right now.  Bother.  Yet,
I appreciate what I get regardless, and the fact that someone took the time
to make it look nicer enhances that fact.

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     synchopation, then I met a culture that had no drums."

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