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Scroll idea

Poster: "McPhee, Kevin" <Kevin.McPhee@mail.house.gov>

Greetings all,
This the first time that I have posted here but this is a subject that I
feel is lacking in allot of kingdoms in the SCA, not just Atlantia.
I have been in the SCA for just over 12 years now and I am a fighter,
artisan, local officer, ect.....in Storvik now, but have traveled the
lands of the Society and have seen others and there customs , it has
always been my
wish that anyone who is worthy of a accolade be given a scroll when
said is granted, a custom I got to like back in the East.
But to say that fighters dont like to get scrolls is foolish! and I say
because I am one and I like to get scrolls and if you have been in any
home of any Duke, Earl, Knight, Champion(any flavor), or any Lord you
will most likely see a scroll of some nature on the wall, as I sign to
all that 
says "Hay I did that, and I like my scroll".

In service to the Dream
Lord Patrick Ravensclaw
scrolls all over the walls!

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