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RE: FW: Displaying scrolls

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

> However, it is probably best to plan on a horizonal display so that
>the scrolls do not need to be held in place.  This is something which any
>autocrat planning a scroll display should consider.
Actually there are ways around this and maintaining a vertical display.
When I
was at Gulf Wars one year I saw a rather ingenious idea although the
may need to change.  They'd covered styrofoam with fabric.  Then strips
of paper
about 3 - 4 inches long and maybe 1/2 inch wide.  These strips of paper
were placed
over the corners of the scroll and extended beyond the corners.  Then
push pins were
placed in each end of the strips of paper, thus avoiding damage to the
scroll itself.
A plastic cover could then "land" on the push pins rather than the
scrolls while
still giving them protection.  If this doesn't explain it well, let me
know and I can
send you a drawing.

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