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Order of Preference and Ragnar--tardy reply

Poster: nuala@ix.netcom.com (nuala)

greetings to all at the Merry Rose.

I just got hold of a digest dated Nov. 6... I apologize for the 
lateness of this reply, but I feel the issue should be addressed.

the issue in question being Atlantian Crown Tourney and the fact 
that the "Lord" was left off of Ragnar Blackhammer's name when he 
fought for lady angharad melys.  leaving aside the fact that the 
results of his fights might have been marginally different if he 
had been placed correctly in the Order of Preference, it was 
decided in this forum that he was listed as "Lord Ragnar of 
Anglesea," not by his proper name.  the statement was made that 
"when someone changes his name, it's his duty to report it to the 
Herald, etc."

I'd just like to clear up the fact that his name has always been 
what it is (unless you go back to Dagorhir/Markland days >:).  
the reason he was awarded his arms as "Ragnar of Anglesea" is 
that no one gave enough of a damn to find out what his last name 
*was*.  he was in Anglesea, widely reputed to be a bunch of 
scumbags (everyone knows that mercenaries aren't period-- in 
Atlantia, anyway) so who cared?  

in fact, he considered the award an honor because it was for 
service, and *not* just a cookie.  that was when he started to 
believe that maybe the SCA wasn't just a bunch of stuck-up fops 
after all.  had he realized that the "Anglesea" stigma would 
follow him and possibly hurt his chances to win Crown for a lady 
he respected, he would have reported the error beforehand.

so, just for the edification of the populace, let it be known 
that he is no longer Anglesea, but is now Lord Ragnar Blackhammer 
of the House of the Red.  just as Lord Balynar Buckhannah is now 
House of the Red.  Erindahl Maic Cennen is the Gouda (aka Big 
Cheese) of this house.  Gunter Weiss the Red is with us as well.  
there are others.

thus ends the last missive I will send to this list on the 
subject.  thanks for reading >:)

fionnuala o'brian (of the House of the Red)


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