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Re: On the subject of Fealty

Poster: Ann Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>

Peter H Clarke wrote:

> If someone is a squire to a knight and becomes a territorial Baron, how
> does his fealty to the knight affect his fealty to the King?
> Are they in conflict?
> Should the squire break fealty to the knight?
>Greetings,  It is my understanding that the "squire" asks to be released  by the knight for the duration of his tenure as Baron.  When 
we were in a polling recently that is how we had planned to handle it.  
Sir Aelfred would have "held" John's belt for him until such time as he 
could resume wearing it.  I believe this was how it was handled as 
well for one of John's squire brothers while he was Baron of Lochmere.

In our area, (as I believe in others) to wear the belt while Baron might 
be perceived as a possible conflict of interest. 

Hope this information is helpful.  Anne le Coeur
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