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Re: Displaying heraldry

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Mark Schuldenfrei wrote:
>   > To the best of my knowledge, is it just fine to display arms, whether you
>   > have an AoA or not.
>   Actually, that's precisely the distinction.  Anyone can display a
>   *device*, that device only becomes *arms* when they are given by the
>   Crown (by Award, Grant or Patent).
> Keilyn, this "distinction" is something the Society made up just for fun.
> Therefore, I tend to deprecate mentioning it.  Just as I point out that in
> period, there is no such distinction as Award, Grant or Patent...

True enough.  And Lords outranked Knights, and Master/Mistress was a
term for commoners.  But we are in the SCA, like it or no, and thus give
in to its conventions where need be.  (Or at least specify when one is
stating one's personal opinion rather than accepted SCA custom...:-)

> Sigh.  I cannot resist.  In period, a person born into the higher ranks
> could (and did) use heraldry, and display heraldry, regardless of whether
> the Crown had ever even heard of the person.  And, at least that much of the
> period we still do today in the Society.  Fly 'em, use 'em and be proud.

And then we run into the problems that the poor guy from New Jersey
complained about, etc.  I believe, for example, that in some SCA crown
tournaments (speaking of *medieval* <snort>) that you can't bear
heraldry onto the field unless its registered....

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