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Re: [MR] Corinthian leather

Poster: Alys of Foxdale <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

> Poster: Tom Rettie <tom@his.com>
> >> > BTW, the name of the town should have a mark over the first
> >> > 'o' to show the accent is on the first syllable, whereas the
> >> > similarly-named car, having no such mark, has the accent on
> >> > the second syllable.
> >>
> >> Except for the fact that the car uses the name in English, which
> >> does not have accent marks.
> More correct to say that the accent marks in English are often ignored.  In
> English, the word "resume" with no accents ("ri-zoom") means one thing, with
> accents ("rez-oo-ma"), quite another.
> Your Servant,
> Findlaech mac Alasdair

Actually, English doesn't use accents.  Any word you find that has
accents, such as the French re'sume' (which BTW is not the same as
resume [that got the accents beaten out of it in Middle English]) is
a borrowing from another language.  Of course, you could then argue
that 95% of English is a borrowing from another language, but that's
irrelevant to my point.

If English used accents, there would be accented letters in our
standard character set, just as the French and the Spanish and so on

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