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Re: Recipe quest

Poster: Denise McMahon <denise@access.digex.net>

Mark Schuldenfrei wrote:

> This recipe looks remarkably like one I was given in the Society some 13
> years ago, here in Carolingia.  Memory fails me if it came from Lady Lark or
> Old Marian.
> It is not, to my knowledge, based upon period recipes, and I don't know that
> it could be considered to be descended from them.
> Delicious?  Yes, indeed.  But not suited for the medieval recreations we
> enjoy.

In your opinion, my Lord.  In your opinion! :-)

I will always applaud the attempt, if not the authenticity.  The recipe
was not touted as a period recipe.  I offered it as the recipe I had. 
Who am I? No one at all... just someone else with a possible answer to a
question... never said it had a pedigree, either. 

I've only been around this Society for a few years- I've had that recipe
for at least 35.
And it is delicious! Sure it may not be period, but I bet you it's not
far off the mark!
And if it makes one smile and adds to the effort we all put in to make
our events as 
Medieval as possible, what the heck?  For me, better something that
evokes the memory of the cake than nothing at all!  

-Rowan Berran
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