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February Acorn Letter

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

Unto the Exchequers of Atlantia,
Greetings from Lady Ursula von Bremen, Kingdom Chancellor of the 

     It's Tax Time - I hope you're all prepared.  By the time this Acorn 
makes it to your home, each one of your four quarterly reports and event 
financial reports for 1996 should have been completed and sent to the 
Kingdom Deputy Exchequer for your region.  You should also have received 
your year-end report packet.  I sent these out on or before January 15th, 
so if you don't have yours yet, you need to let me know right now. Your 
completed Tax/Year-End/Doomsday report is due in the hands of your 
regional deputy by February 15th.  If you even suspect that you might 
have a problem meeting this deadline, you need to pick up the phone and 
call your regional deputy.  Please keep in mind that a late report from a 
single local branch delays the reporting for the entire Kingdom.     

     As promised in both the December and January Acorns, any groups 
whose reports for the first three quarters of 1996 have not been received 
have been recommend for suspension as of 1/31/97.  If no good evidence 
has been offered to me or to one of my deputies that significant measures 
are being taken to correct the problem, all events sponsored by these 
groups will be removed from the Kingdom Calendar until the end of the 
reporting period following the date that the missing reports were made 
up.  These groups will also be listed in my report in the March Acorn.

     If you haven't submitted your warranting paperwork or if the 
paperwork that you submitted was incomplete, please send it to me as soon 
as possible.  The requirements are described in detail in the January 
Acorn, page 7, paragraph 2.

     For those of you who aren't hooked up with e-mail or who don't 
subscribe to the Atlantian newsgroup, the Merry Rose, I wanted you to be 
aware that my letters to the Acorn are usually posted to the Merry Rose a 
month before you'll see them in the Acorn.  If you don't have e-mail, you 
may be able to find someone who is willing to print exchequer-related 
posts for you, or even act as an e-mail contact for you.  If you don't 
have your own e-mail account and you've found someone who is willing to 
post and print for you, have them drop me a line so that I can add that 
information to my database.

     Finally, whilst perusing the Kingdom Calendar, I noticed that Sacred 
Stone's Runestone Collegium will once again include the Exchequer's Panic 
Room.  "Just bring your materials, we'll have the adding machines, pens, 
pencils, paper, forms, a copier and expert assistance waiting for you." 
Either Master Donovan Delann or Yours Truly will be available all day for 
assistance.  This event will take place in the Canton of Aire Falchon on 
February 8th at Gaston College in Dallas, NC, and will be a great 
opportunity, especially if you didn't make it to Unevent.

     Once again, if you're having difficulties, please contact your 
regional deputy immediately.  If you're unable to reach your deputy, then 
contact me.  If you've asked us for something and you haven't received it 
within a week, then call us again.  You have one group to deal with.  We 
have over 50.  We need your help to stay on top of things, and we 
appreciate all the help that we get.

In service, 

Done by my hand this 3rd day of January, A.S. XXX, being 1997 Gregorian 
at Castle Kappellenberg. 

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