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The Arts and Sciences at 12th Night

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

Just a quick post to again thank those fourteen individuals who entered
the hat competition at 12th night. I was incredibly impressed with the
entries and very pleased to hear how they made their hats and what they
learned from the process. 
The worst part of my office is to have to pick one person from the
bunch. My judges all had the same problem. There were so many great
hats. The main point of the competition was to have fun and to learn
about the variety of hats seen in the middle ages. I hope that point was
made, that individuals had the fun in the wearing and that the light
hearted spirit of the competition was maintained. 

The open display was wonderful! The variety of arts that our populace
practice is truly mind boggling.  AND...congratulations to my deputy,
now Mistress Celynen, on being elevated to the Order of the Laurel! Her
knowledge is vast and her work is outstanding. (Did anyone notice HER
hat? It was great! What amazing fabric!)

Note for next years 12th Night (yes! I'm giving you a year's notice)

The 12th Night competition for next year is going to be Excesses of
Fashion: Shoes

So. Look through those references. How many different examples of shoes
can we come up with? I guarantee that my shoes will be in the same
spirit as my 15th century Basque hat was this year. The intent is to be
light hearted but period. Exact rules for the competition will be posted
on the web page and sent to the Arts and Science officers in my letter.
There are MANY examples to choose from. Go for it!

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