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Variety in the Activities at Kingdom events

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

Q:  Why aren't there more categories in the Arts and Science
competitions at the Kingdom events?

A:  Several individuals have mentioned that they would like to see more
categories in the Kingdom event Arts and Science activities. I agree. I
encourage any Notable, Officer, Guild, Pearl, Laurel, or group to
sponsor an exhibition, competition or just a general activity. My office
will be happy to assist in whatever way we can, provide table space,
distribute pre-event information, post it on the web page, coordinate
with the autocrat and point individuals in the right direction at the

I provide set competitions at Kingdom events for several reasons. That
being said, I LOVED the Sheep to Shawl demonstration at Crown Tourney
where the S.W.A.T. guild, sponsored the activity, made and presented a
wonderful shawl for Her Highness, from start to finish during the event.
If any individual or group were to call me up and say "I would like to
sponsor a ... at ... event" I would jump up and down with joy and
support their efforts wholeheartedly.

There are many ideas out there for ways we can encourage and teach about
period reenactment. I invite individuals to become enthused about the
possibilities. We  won't turn down assistance and we'll be happy to help
your ideas become a reality.


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