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Vocal projection (was Court is Good)

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Scripsit Laim:


> Another reason often given:  You can't hear what's happening!  There have 
> been very few royal courts when I have been able to hear what's going on 
> (and that's not from sitting so far back.  Just like movie theatres and 
> church, I'm one of those half way down the isle folks).

[more snippage]

> What to do?  I'm not a herald or voice coach.  I'm not up there trying to 
> project my voice to the populace so I don't know how difficult it is.  I 
> would like, however, to hear what others have to say on the subject and 
> see if we can't come up with some viable solutions.

Liam brings up an excellent point. There are many fine heralds out there,
and so few of them have the voice or experience to project over the babble
of a crowd or on a field.

There are two solutions to this that are conjoined. The first is that
when you hear someone shout "Oyez!" it's time for you to be quiet and
attentive. Give courtesy to the Herald and listen to what is said, for
it is often for your benefit. Talking during an announcement (or worse,
during a performance) is simply rude. While respect must be earned,
courtesy is something all must have and give. Show proper courtesy when
the Herald commands your attention.

The second part of the solution is vocal training. I have taught one
class at University on a breathing exercise for vocal training. It was
very well received and attended, though the time was far too short to
continue into the more advanced aspects of this technique. I still have
handouts from that class and if anyone wants them, please contact me and
I will make sure you get them. I would also be willing to teach this
as well as a voice class at a future University if there is interest
in this. My credentials are that I was once a semi-professional actor.
I have worked on stages that required I be heard at the back of a large
theater without shouting. I have a strong voice, and it is due to my
training. I have been able to get the attention of everyone on a list
field and make an announcement that could be heard and understood by
everyone within approximately 50 yards and not harm my voice. I can
teach this technique to any heralds (or anyone interested) who desire

There is a Spring University coming up (hopefully to be held in Storvik
the gods willing). If I get enough response from folks, I would be only
too glad to teach a couple of hours of vocal training. This training
can be used not only by Heralds, but by those wishing to sing in the
Atlantian Choir which has been taught at several Universities by Lady
Anne of Carthew, Mistress Allesondrea and Sir Tor...I mean Sir Alfred
of Cres (pronounced Kiersau for you pronunciation mavens).

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   |	You got your wig in one hand and your teeth in the
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